House in a Colombo sub urb for a child heart surgeon and his doctor wife where they planned to spend there rare free time in quite solitude in an increasingly private, well protected simple contemporary house. Clients wanted to relax at there home in there own private world, resulting in the high boundry walled gardens and private pergola protected bedroom courtyards in the house. House was mono pitch roofed overlooking a garden running the length of the house protected by high boundary walls out of cement louvered block work walls. Exterior of the house was painted totaly in greyish green cementitious paint to merge and blend with the greenery in the protected garden.



Mono Pitched corrugated cement board roofed brick masonary walled titanium cement floored timber decked balconies with hot dipped galvanized steel upright steel handrailings incorparated two bedroomed simple contemporary styled house overlooking internal garden running the length of the house

architect chinthaka wickramage
structural engineer keerthi rathnayake
quantity surveyour sunanda gnanasiri


chinthaka wickramage