The project is located on one of Meydan Avenue’s plots in the centre of the iconic Meydan Grandstand. The location creates the perfect destination for modern living environments as well as landscaped parks that are situated directly next to the plot.
Sitting adjacently to Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City and numerous new developments and amenities giving the developable land a strategic location while being situated within the existing fabric of Dubai complimenting the city network and introducing new experiences.

The essence of family life is often best encapsulated in the design of the dwelling they inhabit. Drawing inspiration from the timeless charm of Syrian courtyard houses, our modern family residence concept aims to seamlessly blend traditional architectural elements with contemporary aesthetics. Emphasising communal spaces while preserving individual privacy,this design concept fosters connectivity, harmony, and sustainability within a green oasis. The project entails creating a distinctive yet approachable and liveable unique structure within the neighbourhood.

The design aims at developing a family-oriented layout for four duplexes, ensuring privacy and comfort, in addition to strategically designing the remaining six apartments for rental or guest use, balancing aesthetics and functionality. The building includes sports facilities and other amenities along with terraces to enhance outdoor living spaces and provide panoramic views, prioritizing comfort and functionality in both the architecture and interior design to create spaces that residents will truly enjoy.

By reimagining the timeless concept of Syrian courtyard houses through a modern lens, our design concept offers a sanctuary where family members can come together, forge meaningful connections, and thrive in an environment that seamlessly combines tradition, innovation, and sustainability.


Location: Dubai, UAE
Plot Area: 3150 m2
Year: 2024

Hazem Al Zaro
Hossam Zaatar
Menna Essam
Doaa Naiem


Hazem Al Zaro