Located in the heart of Downtown El Gouna, Red Sea, Nicole’s Greenhouse is the first vegetarian restaurant in Egypt. With sustainability at the core of the design intent, the restaurant is a renovation of an existing space inside The Three Corners Rihana Resort.

An outdoor extension of the space was created to break the winter wind, allow more natural light inside the interior area and create an overall pleasant experience. The iconic architecture of the space was highlighted by arranging the seating plan around the existing vaulted structures. The space accommodates for a shop, display fridges, buffet area, a main dining hall with a show kitchen and a mixing bar in addition to the outdoor shaded area that acts as a welcoming and cozy greenhouse.

The design concept is centered around the fusion of the surrounding Nubian aesthetics and a greenhouse atmosphere, aligning perfectly with the owner’s vision. Every aspect of the restaurant, from the structure to the furnishings, embraces a recycled and sustainable ethos. The furniture, meticulously refurbished, emanates character and charm, sourced primarily from flea markets, adding a unique eclectic touch to the overall ambiance.

The kitchen, a focal point of the design, is encased in glass walls, inviting patrons to witness and appreciate the artistry of culinary creation. This transparent approach aligns seamlessly with the brand’s desire for guests to enjoy and appreciate the cooking process, fostering a unique and immersive dining experience.



Location: El Gouna, Red Sea, Egypt
Year: 2023
Area: 347 m2

Hazem Zaro
Areeg Ibrahim

Nicole's Greenhouse by Zaro Architects in Egypt won the WA Award Cycle 47. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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