Water and Green - Essence of Bangladesh
Water, the most precious, abundant and life subtly woven in it, makes Bangladesh a country of toil and poems - a landscape of green embodying watercolor on the map of the world.
Bangladesh, the largest delta on earth, has 52 rivers that carry water from the Himalayas in an intricate pattern to the Bay of Bengal. During Monsoon these rivers inundate two third of the country`s land depicting water the major element of the country scape. When the water recedes, it leaves a fine layer of fertile alluvial soil and the entire landscape transforms into large patches of paddy fields dancing with the wind.
Conceptually this understanding inspires our scheme at the outset. Here, water connecting with the green is a preparation for the land to let the building grow.



Eye Hospital-Rejoicing Kahn, Romancing with the Sun by Rafiq Azam in Bangladesh won the WA Award Cycle 2. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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