An experimental mosque design diverging from the conventional and established regional codes with reference to Bauhaus and de Stijl aesthetics.

The design is inspired by the Kufi style of calligraphy and the whole structure is conceived as a three dimensional abstract calligraphic sculpture without compromising on the functional & essential element like Minaret, Central High ceiling & Mimbar. The construction material is Fair Face reinforced concrete which is devoid of any clichéd ornamentation.
A hint of traditional ornamentation has been applied to the specifically custom designed floor tile/panel which has been derived for the same elements found in the façade of the mosque & Kufi style .It has been conceived as a Black & White tile panel and the proportion of both the color is exactly 50 / 50. Same pattern has been used for the metal grill or lattice work for the windows / openings.


COMMUNITY MOSQUE by Hanif Daud in Pakistan won the WA Award Cycle 8. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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