The building is designed in Ankara, Birlik quarter at the edge of an acclivitous road as a general directorate of a company working in the fields of technology and telecommunication engagements. In order not to intrude or to be intruded by the buildings on the upper part of the slope, the building is rotated backwards to those buildings and it is facing the road and the view at lower slope. The rooms that are ascending until the circular part on the third floor and it is connected to the main body at a 45 degree angle, defining the entrance of the building forming confronting wall and also avoiding local windows facing the building-to-be-built at the parcel in the lower slope side. Reliability, technology and modernity concepts of the company were aimed to reflected through the building and this was achieved through the emphasis on form and material used. The firmly holding on building is cladded with andesite and even with the material used the solidness and the reliability was reflected. The third floor forming a console with a circular form sitting on the building and cladded with aluminum composite is emphasizing modernity and technology. The garret floor and aluminum roof is completing the originality of the third floor.