The existing construction primarily started as an office building, between the two pharmaceutical factories Fako and Deva, perpendicular to Buyukdere Street, on Maslak-Levent axis that has been the newly developing business center of Istanbul for the last decade. The building is re-designed as a residence within the Levent Loft concept.

The loft concept began in the 1970’s as a solution for certain American artists’ search of housing. Today lofts have become not only a culture and a way of life coveted by many inhabitants of large cities, but also a point of reference within contemporary architecture. These open spaces with an almost industrial tone, not fanatically divided into sections, constitute a prospect to live-work and create at the same place; they are flexible and open to public.

The existing wall separating the building from the two adjacent factories is furbished as a “green wall” which adds a landscape value in the garden concept surrounding the building; a natural atmosphere is created by the Zen gardens.

The building is not only designed as a housing facility but also it is planned to be a high quality social venue. The entrance is made through the lobby, designed as the essential meeting place; meeting rooms, spa / health center, cafés and restaurants are the other public areas. LL, offering an efficient, tranquil, first-rate life style in modern-day standards in “downtown”, is an alternative to the trendy condominiums built in suburbs. Facilities like the large car park, storage, central heating and ventilation, security, maintenance services and “intelligent house” system grant a user-friendly environment and easy access. The complex, supported by the recent technologies and professional service administration, offers a comfortable and fashionable life-style.

The long, thin planned building is located on a total 3.870sqm area, the front block consists of ground-floor and 11 stories, and the rear block is ground-floor + 7 stories. There are lofts at various sizes and types; differing from 68 to182sqm; including duplexes; with terraces or gardens, open to create unique panorama for private use.

The façade is perceived as an assortment of boxes; also, each unique module shall be distinguished from outside due to the curtain system, a range of colors and light will be reflected from inside, as a method of benefiting functional solutions for esthetics purposes.

Site Area: 3.456 m²

Construction Area: 30.000m²





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