A periscope is a device for people to see objects over physically blocked walls or in different standing levels and it puts to use two important elements, property of daylight and reflection.
Daylight is an essential source which allows people to perceive objects, and conveys the atmosphere of spaces through revealing form, color, texture and emotion to them. It has a variety of characteristics at any given time, from the sunrise to the sunset; its altitude, angle, intensity, and color changes. In addition, it delivers different quality of atmospheres to people, when it touches various objects’ surfaces with different surface’s conditions and reflection ratios.
This project basically starts from the function of a periscope, as an image deliver to visually connect with people in different levels of the ground by pulling a reflected city-scape on the ground into the underground. From a developed research on the daylight and reflection, it finally proposes an urban scale-periscope which creates a newly composed city-scape, such a color palette composed of clear, sometimes blurry and fractured reflections of people’s behaviors, trees, building facades, and sky.
Through deep understanding of relationship between daylight and reflection, it provides mutual response between people in different space, further more between people and a cityscape.


engraved perioscope by seungteak lee in United States won the WA Award Cycle 1. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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