Zebra House
Pillow House {or Zebra House} represents a study about a residence with a radial distribution of the internal spaces following the archaic models which can still be found with some rural populations spread from the Equatorial Africa till the Amazonian area of the South American continent.
The central reference point, which is principally dedicated to an open-pit fireplace there, has been here associated to the collection and the first processing of meteoric waters, just summing up their two valences – usefulness and symbolism – within the same space.
The whole space has got variable conformations and the number of inhabitants is not pre-determined. Following the different cases in fact the internal space can receive one to about twelve people. The structure is made of a deformable thin section support net in composite material and of a double elastic layer of synthetic film: the outside is characterized by photovoltaic cells which are sufficient for the energetic needs of the minimal support equipments, the inside is made of transpiring fabric with strong thermal conservation capacity.
The two openings {entrance and central light} can be locked with two removable elements.
The external surface can be selected time by time according to the external environmental conditions and to the installation place.