This concert hall for the Philharmonie de Paris began with the idea to bring people to a visual contact with the surrounding urban context: from the park and further to the city. The visual experience emerges from the movement of people as they follow or their own circulation through the building. Along these narrative movements, their encounter with surrounding contexts and Eiffel tower in the end will enhance their visual experience. A sloping extension of the existing promenades of the park will take people through the main reception area. After this, visitors might wish to continue down to the exhibition hall and music discovery area or up to the grand foyer along the continuous unfolding promenades. These promenades continue to become circulations around the concert hall area, by providing visitors with constant visual contacts with the city as well as movements. Along their experience, visitors go through visual, tangible and acoustic experience.



Jung Min Nam

Unfolding Vision, Unfolding Sound by Jungmin Nam in France won the WA Award Cycle 6. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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