An Urban street within a Built Form as a circulation spine and the Built Form should react as an organic element within the site area. Building should have significance as an ICONIC figure of the transition of Old and New development of Dhaka city.

A Central circulation spine within an Atrium which creates an urban street vertically connected to the multi level of functions. There are also vertical node act as Urban Window as well as North South air circulation within the Built Form that acts as a cooling machine. The horizontal nodes are used for gathering space. Ground floor entry ramp is designed as a peripheral circulation of water body that reminds us we are the people of wind, water and clay.

As an Urban issue traditional JALI is used as new Paradigm of utilization in Architecture that can add a new pictorial values in urban fabric of Dhaka city. Movable and flexible JALI is used here for functional need.



As we think the Built Form gives a natural experience visually so it would be abstract the basic theme of tree branch. Again the columns are differentiated for light and shadow that can play with the Structural Members to ensure Plasticity of space.

Principal Architect: Forhad-Al-Mamoon
Project Architect: Abu Towab Md. Shahriar
& Md. Manzur Alahee
3D Artist: Khalid Mahmud
Drawn by: Md. Anwor Hossain & Aahad Ali


Chartered Consultants