The project concept comes from a dream.
I dreamed about a maze I walked inside, there is a closed ways , a vortex , a rose dreams , seems like a movable landscape then I saw like the stars fall on the land and I cant hear any thing other than silence.

I translate my dream to a harbingers painting , a peom and a piece of architecture .

It is a Meditation resort :
An experience of life within greek myths among the stars.
Its a space of silence, meditation, Isolation, avoidance of the interference of life, psychological comfort and relaxation, which humans need in their life from time to time, leaving that life within its responsibilities, difficulties, and its randomness, to live in the lap of nature
( the caves of the mountain ) and consider it from a wider perspective as well as the rapid development accomplished by human beings .

Designed by
Arch. Sameh Amin



The mechanism of maze :
Maze appears as cubes moving in defferent circles sharing the same center horizontally, the cubes also move p and down. Each cube is associated with a column linked with a mechanical circle , this circle revolve to move all the cubes on the circle.The up and down movement can be proceeded by one of two ways : moving the column itself or by depending on a non flat land.

It is a Graduation project.
Presented and designed by SAMEH AMEN .
Grade in the Graduation project is Excellent.
Ranking : First.

The tutor(supervisor)/ professor: Prof. ADEL YASEEN, Ph.D. A professor at Faculty of Architecture from Ain shams university/ cairo / Egypt.


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