It was a 3rd year studio project. the project was designing an ART GALLERY for THE CUBIST ARTISTS. The duration of the project was 4 weeks
In Cubism, the artist depicts the subject from a multitude of viewpoints to represent the subject in a greater context.In Cubism, a form or an object is broken up, analyzed, observed and then re-organized in a new way. Here, the artist tries to represent a three-dimentional object into a two-dimentional form. When we look at any object, we can only see one of its side, but we don’t know what is there behind or the other sides of that object. But in Cubism, all the sides are depicted in one plane. It creates a puzzle, an illusion. One can takes the challenge to solve the puzzle and re-discover the illusion of the mother form.

In this art gallery, i tried to represent the CUBISM in a three-dimentional way. Basically, I worked with four cubes which are broken in such a way that they have created puzzles. Four Cubes also re-present the main four stages of Cubism.
The ground floor is totally opened, and gradually stepped down towards the lake (on the north) and is blended with nature through the artificial water body on the west and dark wood on the east. A grand ramp will exhibit the gradual development of cubism. The refection of the ramp on the water body, the outside space of library create illusion of space. I tried to design all the spaces in such a style that they will represent cubism from every view.
It offers a journey through cubism to the visitors................





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