“Baranoosh” building is a residential complex, located in the north district of Tehran, which includes 10 units in an area of 3000 Sqm yard.



Excising topography in the site overlooks magnificent views of the city and the hills around.
Designing process in “Boozhgan” started after the main structure of the project had already been constructed; as a result, the designers were left with a very limited room for maneuver. In the prevailing architecture in the affluent North district of Tehran, using
expensive materials without any supporting architectural ideas has unfortunately become a value. In this project instead, the stress has been laid on the contemplated details rather than utilizing expensive materials.
The surrounding geographical and residential area has hugely been taken into
account in the designing process of “Baranoosh” project. Creating a dynamic facade in an orderly fashion was the key factor in the façade of this building. The geometry based on which the general concept of the façade was formed has been exposed in the details of the stone works and the plants has appeared in the preplanned spaces on the façade.
Among the highlighted features of this project, one stands out; that is, to provide
the residents of the upper floors with a wider view; in other words, the upper they reside in the building, the more magnificent view they enjoy.
Simplicity has been of crucial importance and the key to the design of this project and it has consequently helped to avoid chaos and complication.
The plants and the green areas play a key role in “Baranoosh” project and cannot
be disregarded in any way. In fact, the plants and the building were intermingled in
a variety of ways. The walls which separate the building from the passages, the
voids in the façade and the handrails are among the elements which benefit most from this essential presence of the plants and in turn provide the residents and the passers-by with a pleasant feeling .

Overall, “Baranoosh” is an architectural success that has formed a unified entity from a variety of simplistic ideas.

Rezvan Noorbakhsh


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