City of zandjan with 700,000 population is located in 320 kilometers from Tehran. Contemporary construction like the other cities in Iran do not have special identity and indication . Architectural designation classified in a very low level and far from primary architectural qualities.
the present project was an attempt to experience of applying usable local construction materials along with architectural designing in such city which this event is so rare to see.

zandjans Home renovation plan commenced on 2003 and finished in the year of 2005.Approximate total built up area was 600 sqm and its revenue was residence of the guests of a plant.
previous situation of the construction was not considerable at all and because of this , in reconstructing plan only the structure and number of walls remained which were difficult to be demolished and the new plan has been built according to previous constructing plan.

Facade of this project which was extraordinary important, impressed by the entrance plan ( which was unchangeable).
Facade forming elements were the same elements existed in the plan which have appeared along together with different characters.
Of course this attempt was for presenting a unique appearance of fourteen fold elements and makes them all to build a faced.

Created tissues on the stones of this facade at the time of executing the project did not have any analogous and its entire producing process is hand work.
The applied stones were the available stones in an abandoned factory in suburb of the city which the created tissues on them took an executive shape after days of experimentation.

Wide stairs between the floors was not existed in the previous situation of the construction . in the executed reconstructing project, it is cut according to the considered plan for the stairs and the stairs was built with the details which designed for this project and installed in the location of the project.

ZANJAN RENOVATION HOUSE by Hamed Badriahmadi in Iran won the WA Award Cycle 17. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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