AB Zotov & Co as a winner of closed competition signed a contract to design the worlds first active vertical chocolate line with smart-glass facade.

As for urban context the project involves the recreation of old Kiev street along the historic facade of the factory. This should revive the public space of the Moscow square that works only like a transport junction now.

According to the concept of the project, a glass tower - is:
- the card of the corporation
- Amusement for visitors
- Interactive attraction of visitors and pedestrians in the process
- Theater, where the mechanism is the show
- Theater of shadows (on translucent shell structures, the Moscow square)
- Attractor and landmark for residents
- Showcase of chocolate


Program: Museum of the active chocolate line
Country: Ukraine
City: Kyiv
Size: 1050 m2
Year: 2012
Stage: ongoing

Chief architect: Viktor Zotov
Chief engineer: Olexander Paladii
Project manager: Kateryna Dolgaya
Project leaders: Oleg Selivanov, Sergiy Batsunov
Team: Sergiy Ferley, Ilya Obodovskiy, Grisha Zotov, Mariya Kolodyajna