The designed space is identified by three unknown egg-shaped objects intruding into the space. They cut out shapes in space. This is clash of rectilinear, rational formation with organic nicety of foreign, rounded bodies. Looking from the outside oval objects make an impression as they support all floors of the building. Suspending ceiling squeezes between oval solids, spreads across the ceiling, gets by rounded arms into the open space of waiting room and reception area. Lamps sunken in the ceiling give the impression of scattered, light discuses or full moons. All look like they would try to escape from the space – scamper off into direction of outdoor.



The project was created for the Institute of Strabismus Treatment deals with the diagnosis and treatment of strabismus, amblyopia and nystagmus in children and adults. It has been prepared under the personal guidance and objectives with a strong focus on the unique solutions that meet the requirements of the clinic of the highest quality and standard of services with reputation on the world.

Project: arch. Lukasz Skorek | KUMSTUDIO
General contructor: KUMSTUDIO Lukasz Skorek