Valle of Bravo, in the estate of México, is famous for its lake and the wonderful landscapes that surround it. Its privileged location and the good climate all year long had turned it into a favorite destination for a holiday home. House L is a great example of the new proyects that haven been developed in the area.
The project was developed in a 1,117 meters lot situated at the foot of a crag making the axis the integration to the vicinity and making the most of the views to the lake. The house has 3 nivels that take advantage of the rough topography of the lot and responding to the functional and versatile program requested by the client.



Team:Juan Pablo Serrano de SerranoMonjaraz Arquitectos, Edgar Velasco Casillas de R Zero, Alejandro Zárate, Gilberto Muñoz Rodriguez+, Jesús González Méndez, Isaac Guzmán Ramírez.
Interior Design: Isabel Maldonado

Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos


Jaime Navarro