A white-concrete space, shaped by light, surrounds a sinuous way among the sculptures, which stand on several big wooden bases that organize the exhibition and contain the showcases for smaller objects. Therefore it happens just the opposite as in Easter, and in this case it is the visitor who wanders between the sculptures as he discovers them from different points.
The great scale of the main space, the intentional use of light and the construction with few and durable materials give the interior a character very appropriate for the important collection of religious sculptures to be exposed.
The local stone used in the exterior helps to integrate the building in the historic centre of Hellín. From the old “Casa del Conde”, the main facade has been carefully restored and incorporated to the new building.



Easter Sculpture Museum
1st prize competition

Hellín. Albacete

Hellín Municipality / Public Works Ministerial Department

2.160 m2
built area

3.512.235 euros

Complete 2011

Ibán Carpintero
Mario Sanjuan


Fernando Guerra