Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (1920–1975) was a Bengali nationalist politician and the founder of Bangladesh.
It was the motive that that the struggle he had in his life and the emotional turmoil he had to undergo, while in prison and hideouts away from his family, should be the main focus of this project.
The project is located in one of his hideouts. This project will encourage the freed nation to once again look back at the philosophies of the father of the nation through an experiential walkway, and hence motivate the Bangladeshi people to strive more for a Sonar Bangla (Golden/Utopian Bangladesh) Sheikh Mujibur Rahman dreamt about.



The designed mass is conceived of exposed concrete with engraved inscriptions conveying the philosophies of the father of the nation. The design was merged with the surrounding landscape. The green roof controls the heat. The mass is shaded by mutual shading. The interior spaces are lighted by natural light through glass louvers which also controls the wind flow. Solar exhaust are custom designed to serve the interior spaces. the site being in the hill side give the advantage of using wind turbines. the provision of rain water harvesting is also developed as Bangladesh being a tropical country. The endeavors were to make the design sustainable with low energy consumption.

Tasnova Iqbal

Bangobandhu Smriti Complex by Tasnova Iqbal in Bangladesh won the WA Award Cycle 18. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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