There are three numbers of man-made lakes adjacent to the thermal plant at Bathinda. These lakes are separated by about 15-metre wide earthen embankments. The place is a pleasant respite from the hustle-bustle of the city life. Large number of city residents and tourists from other parts of the region visit these lakes very often for their recreational purposes. Lake number 3 is already large enough to host boating activities. Some other tourist infrastructure has already been developed alongside for the convenience of visitors. To augment the boating activities in these lakes the Bathinda Development Authority have decided to cut and open a portion of the embankment between Lake-2 and 3. It is proposed that a high footbridge will be constructed at the place of removed embankment so that tourists can walk up to the rear portion of the lakes which will house more facilities. At the same time the boats can have free movement underneath the footbridge.

It is proposed that a portion of 250 feet of embankment between these two lakes will be removed and replaced with a state-of-the-art footbridge. It has been designed in hi-tensile, pre-engineered steel having a single span. The design of the bridge has been evolved keeping in view the functional requirements as well as aesthetical considerations. The architect thought that it should be contemporary in nature, and an engineering and artistic feat. Also it should complement the giant chimneys of the thermal plant in the background which have curved and parabolic shape.

The design of the bridge incorporates a large segmental arch fabricated in tubular section. The base of the footbridge is also in the form of a segmental arch. It is proposed to be fabricated in steel and suspended from the upper arch through steel suspenders. The steel arch and suspenders make the bridge look a very light structure. It is proposed to be painted white so as to harmonize with the light grey concrete chimneys. When the water is still in the lakes its reflection will give an illusion of a complete ellipse. It is proposed to be artistically illuminated at night. This illumination together with reflections in the water will give a spectacular view in the evenings. When completed it will be an urban landmark and a symbol of progress and modernity.