This project, located in the new Berge du Lac area in Bordeaux, includes four collective buildings and ten individual houses which form a block.

The dark shades and unbalanced silhouettes of the three tallest structures echo the tramway. On the other side, the individual houses and a building, covered in wood, are erected along the side of a linear park. Each of these architectural choices responds to the particular circumstances of these buildings.



Place: Bordeaux- France -Zac Berge du Lac- Ilot A3.3
Client: Bouygues Immobilier
Architects: NicolasLaisné – Christophe Rousselle
Surface: 8100m² shon
Construction Cost: 10 500 000 euros
Landscape Designer: Signe Ouest
Structural Ingeniering: Betri, Morillon
Status: Built

Architects: Nicolas Laisné, Christophe Rousselle