DENTAL CLINIC (Torres Vedras, Portugal)

The challenge is based on the re-interpretation of a Dental Clinic, in the search of a new clarity and spatial character.

The site is located on a first floor of a common building in the center of Torres Vedras.

The space requires a new image to provoke new atmospheres, new sensations.

The desire of creating a distinguished space in the city, more paused, contemplative, a space of reflection, leading to the discovery of the importance of silence and of spaces apparently empty yet full of life.

An experimentation where the selection of materials is sustained by the nobleness of materials. That experimentation is essentially realized with the immaterial architectural element, which is space. Working with space, is determined by perception, paths, light, reflections, transparencies, fluidity.
The mass composed by a summary of recycled glasses, potentiates the reflections and the vibrations of the light, by creating a perception of space that is constantly mutating.

The search of a timeless space, with a plenitude of senses, where light is filtered in different ways, gives poetry to spaces, dignifying them.



Project name Dental Clinic
Location Torres Vedras . Portugal
Client R. Leal
Architect Miguel Marques Venâncio

PhotographyFG+SG – Architectural Photography

Architect Miguel Marques Venâncio
B. Pedrosa (project . digital images)
V. Vázquez (project)
M. Álvarez (project)
T. Palos (models . drawings)


© Fernando Guerra, FG+SG Architectural Photography