We planed the bus stop at the entrance of park on the south side of Kochi Uniiversity of Technology. This bus stop is going to be used by students and other people. Client wanted the bus stop with wooden structure and design worthy of Uniiversity of Technology.
So,we proposed wooden bus stop with a gentle and innovative expression and a animated look by the days and seasons. We mutually shifted 20 L- frames and 19 braces composed by 105*105 standard woods (cypress produced in located area) and bundled them. Therefore we formed a wooden skeleton and put a transparent roof on it airy.



Principal Use : busstop
Structure : wooden wall
Building area :12.48 m2
Material Information
Exterior frame and wall:105*105 wood(cypress from located area)
Exterior Roof: 5mm polycarbonate plate
Pavement: Permeable concrete
Bench:self compacting concrete

Architect Information Shin YOSHIDA + Yuji Umebara
Credit Information
Architecture : Shin YOSHIDA + Yuji Umebara
Photography : Toru KITAMURA
Client : Supporters Club for Kochi University of Technology Construction : Tokuhiro Construction
Consultant for bench design and Construction:Masahiro OUCHI