Ois a project for the Sukkah city competition. The participants of the competition were asked to design a contemporary sukkah – a temporary hut created for an annual Jewish harvest festival in New York. The competition asked teams to design a sukkah to be erected in one of the most populated and dense places on earth, filled with built structures and a stressful ambience, changing its function from its initial protection purpose from sandy winds and a blazing sun to a shelter from building mass, infrastructure, scale, city pace and constant movement. Sukkah is one of the oldest building types to have a design and construction carefully regulated by Talmud. These temporary buildings are to symbolize memory about Jews’ 40 years exile in the desert after they were banished from Egypt. We wanted to create a form as flexible as possible to make sure that sukkah can be placed in many also unconventional places. We also wanted to make our sukkah as mobile as we can that’s why we decided on form of sphere. Moves inside the sukkah (walking and pushing of one of the walls) allow changing position of the sukkah. ‘O’ was built from zip-ties produced from biodegradable plastic created from corn. Thanks to this particular building material, the created form allows merging inside and outside world (no borders) without sacrificing intimacy. Inside the sukkah you can find folding table and many puff-chairs in which can be hold a sleeping bag.