The “Torrazzi Park” in Modena is part of a larger project that aims for the environmental and landscape rehabilitation of a dismissed dump, with the purpose of mitigating its impact on the surroundings.
The new building finds its place in a glade inside the park and its planned to be a space where the local community can identify its reference point for information, culture and education about environmental sustainability and health.
In this building, professionals can organize and spread knowledge about new technologies, new materials and policies which relate to environmental issues.
On the other hand, citizens, students, environmental organizations, technicians and companies sharing green culture and approaches can locate their exchange place in here.
The one-level building is caracterised by a nearly trapezoidal shape. Its design and exposure are linked with energy efficiency and location needs, in a natural context which requires low elevation and a high degree of compenetration between the handmade construction and the green surroundings.
Internal spaces are composed of three interconnected rooms: the main hall as a space for socialization and communication, the conference room and the offices for the administration.
The main room is conceived as a “piazza”, with its irregular outline, woody partitions and ceiling. It is caracterised by a great amount of natural lighting coming from the north thanks to a skylight and from a southern glass wall provided with solar shading system.
Design criteria refer to the culture of bioclimate architecture. Shape, exposure, glass walls position, natural airing, sunbrake systems and the use of renewal energies, all contribute to meet energy saving and efficiency purposes.
The building is completely wooden made with wooden plate walls and external insulation system. The use of a brise-soleil system help reducing heat and solar glare in the summertime, without preventing low-angle sun from providing heating during the winter season.
The external walls colour is a tribute to chromatic tones and shades of the Indian city of Jodhpur, “the blue city”.



Energy Efficiency B
EPtot 15 KWh/mc/year
mq. 515 - mc 2675

Eugenio Ansaloni

ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION CENTER AND SERVICES by EUGENIO ANSALONI in Italy won the WA Award Cycle 10. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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