Descriptive report

Located in new financial district of the city of Aguascalientes, the corporate Emporium One is a seven story building. Aerodynamics has become the main icon of the new complex of buildings is a structure.

Its form reflects the inner function and the innovative spirit of the firm. This building has a large number of elements in order to reduce the expenditure of energy. In the main façade has a louver which controls the climate inside fanning naturally, and protecting the incidence East of the Sun. The façades North and South have glass for solar control that reduces the incidence of ultraviolet and infrared, rays as well as the acoustic control. The building do without air conditioning for eight months.

The main entrance is covered by a large overhang of more than 15 metres in length, which is a structure that penetrates to the main lobby, it has a height of eight meters and is an is a space where the game of reflexes is part of the essence of the project.

Each level has a terrace which is part of the rest of the workers area, and the northern façade in the pent-house stands the main terrace which is a viewpoint where you can see the entire city.

The louver of the main façade has become a giant screen with RGB LED technology, with the ability to reproduce images of any kind. Creating a different night show every day.



location: financial district aguascalientes mexico

area built 27,000 sqf

8 levels

180 boxes of parking

82% efficiency


name of the building
Emporium one
architectural project
Grupo Spazio
Carlos Fernández Musacchio.
Erick Benjamín Arellano Gutiérrez.
Ricardo Chacón Ibarra.
Eduardo Reyna Medina.
Jesús Rene Arellano Marchand
David Junco Paredes
Iñigo Valdivia Narváez
Ignacio Herrera López
Claudia Gutiérrez Gutiérrez
Elizabeth Martínez Espinoza
Alice García Malo
Fabricio Robles Olivetti
Brenda Martín del Campo Mora
Marianita Muñoz Muñoz
Manuel Márquez Hernández
Alejandra Luengas Velázquez
Ricardo Elizalde Tostado
Víctor Flores Trujillo
Fernando López Díaz
Grupo génesis Industrial S.A de C.V.
engineering structural
Ing. Gerardo García González
Claudia Pavhiela Guerra González

Grupo spazio
Director general Carlos Fernández Musacchio
Cerro de la bufa 301, fraccionamiento jardines de la concepción, Aguascalientes, Ags.
pagina web
[email protected]


rene arellano marchand