As the urban nature, this site which is contact with woomyeon-mountain, urban park as the natural greenery area, is the ideal place that have environment to satisfy residential and recreational purpose which are desired by most urban people.

In order to secure the maximum area of the south-facing garden, in the irregular polygonal shaped site, main building is laid on the northern part of the site along the irregular boundary line.

After all, the shape of the main mass of this house was to be an irregular polyhedron due to polygonal shape of site and legal code to secure the range to absorb the sun-light, and naturally, this result is equal to the intent of formation to harmonize with the context of the surrounding nature.

From this cause, exterior space of this house is composed of system to circulate, inner court extended to distant view, rear garden extended rear hill, sunken garden, recreational garden, each other.

By separating small office space and housing, each other, the neutral exterior space which occurred in between of them act as an approaching space, the place of penetration through courtyard and backyard each other, and the recreational court covered with roof.

The public major space, living room, dining room, bridge theater, master living, homebar, billiard room, guest living room, swimming pool are planned to be the scene of each other through the mutual communication of view.

In addition to this, the picturesque landscape which drawn by the large main garden, distant landscape extended garden, indoor and outdoor landscape combined with natural scenery of back yard and rear hill is the representative special character of this house that was made by relationship between environment of site and architecture

The existence of this small metallic hill which is cherished by Woomyen- mountain will be the harmonious coexistence of nature and architecture.



Architect : HyoMan Kim - IROJE KHM Architects

Design team : Su Mi Jung

Structure designer : MOA. Sung Yeong Oh

Contractor : INZI

Location : 400 Guachun-dong, Guachun, Gyeounggi-do, Korea

U S E : Residence

Site area : 883 ?

Bldg. area : 375.24 ?

Gross floor area : 624.68 ?

Structure : Concrete rahmen

Exterior finishing : Aluminium Sheet, Exposed concrete

Interior finishing : Metal sheet, Lacquer, Wood flooring

Photographer : Jong Oh Kim

Su Mi Jung


jong oh Kim