The idea consists of a floating home that would be the ecological units for social villages assuming to areas of the world subject to tsunamis or floods be placed in controlled average distances and bathymetry areas anti-runup effect. The single unit is prefabricated and can be mounted quickly and completely dry with great impact on costs made using recycled materials such as wood, plastic and fabric consists of insulated panels are easily mounted self-supporting but very solid and safe. The house is designed to be powered by a system hybrid solar/wind and from a system for purifying the water, so as to allow the cultivation on board.



Materials: Wood, plastic, glass and fabrics. All recycled

Construction costs: 44.000 € (single unit, except hybrid system & furniture)

Power: Hybrid system solar/wind + purifying water system for plants

Lg=mC (Giovanni Lucentini & Marcello Calà); Inzerillo & Albeggiani Yacht design; Ing. Arian Ruhi, Ing. Raffaele Bonafede

Ts Ecovillage by Lg=mC in Italy won the WA Award Cycle 12. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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Marcello Calà

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