This site located in beauty rural town near the urban town.
It stayed rice fields and small dairy farm, but recently it is making boomtown.
The house in the boomtown were made by same rule and same form in urban it, so most
kinds of beauty rural town view are destroyed.
I tried to make new type of rural town house, so I designed a house that ranged small huts, it is not a big volume box.
I think this shape continuity rural town view and boomtown view.
Lights and scenery are taken in from the gap of each small huts, and they makes multidimensional sense and dynamic movements.
The movements makes flow of air, it take off top of the huts and from west side a pond carries cool air into the house in summer time.
It is natural circulation.
In the wood deck with continuity rice fields, grandmother lulled her grandchild,
Child plays with a pet, and many friends come here.
The house and family life call to each other around the environment and make new good scenery.