The renovation of this residence was a very interesting challenge. The original construction has two levels placed in a lot with an angle that demanded the best of Kababie Architects talent, to solve the spaces properly according to the functions. The inhabitants of the house required a separate space to be used as an office and for this reason the entrance was segmented in 3 parts so each area of the residence has a separate entrance.

To make more evident the angle of the lot the facade was divided in two. One side was covered with slate quarry to create a contrast of texture and color with the other side that has the garage doors. A small wooden door, in the same tone of beams of the first level, is the entrance to the office.

In the house the spaces are generous and well lit by large windows that define all the living area. A wide hall leads into public areas where it stands out the use of leather, wood and glass in both the furniture and accessories. In the back of the house is a garden where a Jacuzzi was installed and there is also and spacious terrace to enjoy outdoor gatherings.

On the wall of the staircase that goes up to the second level a beam of light was installed to create a particular ambiance. On the second level the family room and a gym are located and both enjoy privacy and magnificent views of the garden. There are also the guest room and master bedroom, the second one with generous spaces, plus bathroom and separate dressing room. The color palette selected for the entire project is based on the materials selected and bold color accents were added in some areas.