FUTURE LIVING FOR UNSTABLE DELTA:From the time immemorial all other creations are directly dependent on nature but we should be conscious about the adverse effects of nature which are unavoidable.
Our aim is not to protect those natural calamities like flood but to run ours and livestocks lives with minimum facilities for those days of adverse situations through built form.


A. Shift the function to nearest safe levels during flood.
B. Height from ground to be safe from water based diseases, insect and animals.
C.Elevated platform under the built form with social interaction, play area, valuating commercially with restaurant, handicrafts and creating a secondary space in which the total activity could be shifted.
D. Septic tank in a certain height within toilet and sewerage drain system with a provision to disconnect the septic tank from sewerage drain thus the elevated tank could run for certain days without any back flow.
E.Harvesting rain water and preservation.
F. Emergency dry food and medicine storage.
G.Alternative power supply.
H.Safe place for livestock during flood.
I. Raised vegetation platform.

Architect Asif Mohammed Ahsanul Haq
Architect Hasan Shahriar Khan


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