The concept of a Vertical Necropolis designed by architect Annkit kummar in Delhi is presented as a way to satisfy social prospects while proficiently exploiting scarce city land.
A vertical necropolis will free up a substantial amount of ground space for the living and provide within it a place of respite for the deceased. It will also create a space where diverse groups can feel comfortable grieving together. This way we will be able to see all people as equals.
The principal issue is the adverse effects of, practice of traditional methods of dealing with dead, by various religions, on the ecology. Environmental issues have not featured prominently with regard to bereavement, possibly due to the sensitivity of the subject. This view is shifting as environmental issues are become progressively important.
The secondary issue is of land. The memorial park end up turning into dead space as it becomes less likely for individuals to use them as civic parks. Probably it’s time to utilize the square footage in a new, more efficient manner (going vertical)?
So what happens to the already existing cemeteries? They can be turned into wildlife reserve areas.