Silent Garden
The project consists on the creation of a space that invites to be penetrated.
A silk garden, emerges from the earth as a chrysalis, a white
luminous vault creates an inner space surrounded by nature.

A refuge for living creatures, space of light, nature sounds, echoes that
empty the space, while the individual approaches, finding himself in this inner-inside space.
Facing himself with basic elements of nature, water,
minerals, housed by a silk skin, where flying creatures live.



Natural wild silk.
Marble grave for the pavement.

a project made by Patricia Meneses
developed by studio patricia menses ©

with the collaboration of Francisco Giménez Carbó
Manuel Rocha Iturbide
Jeanne de Bussac
Gosia Kierzerk
Salomé Ayuso

Sound piece Semi No Koe by Manuel Rocha Iturbide.

Photographs Francisco Giménez Carbó
Jason Kao
Patricia Meneses


Patricia Meneses