Points transformed into lines, lines that suggest a space.
The intervention is created from a transparent space that it is generated through the light. A space delimited by multiple transparent threads that, throughout the day vary through the different light reflections.

An intervention, as a passable vertical sculpture, that consists on sewing the space through an artisan process, creating a vertical woven textile where the inner and the outer are diluted suggesting the space.



On a suspended steel structure of 54 mts2 conformed by a grid, from 13 mts height, 3.565 nylon threads were placed five centimetres between each other, one by one were tightened to the inferior plan of the ground to conform the space.

Total area: 78 mts2 (13m x 6m)

Made by Patricia Meneses within ex.studio
together with ivan juarez

Collaboration: Alberto Mariotti
Edouard Chassaing
Charlotte Gerard
Anabel Zaldivar