Site is located in the center of Tampere, few meters near the crossing main traffics and pedestrians ways. Park and small gallery is situated at present. Current gallery was not designed like a exhibition space/gallery/museum and probably that is the reason of not really good position on the site in park. Gallery is almost invisible, hidden by trees because volume of this building is quite small. This fact is forced by residental buildings around the site. Architecture in Finland is very young comparing to other countries in Europe and that is the reason why historical architecture should be more protected . This building is one of the examples. Site is rounded by ways but definitely the biggest potential incomparable has the southern.

Art museums are for us, people, when love art and everything around is visitation of museums, galleries, etc. quite common, but try to ask your “normal” :-) friends how many times they visited museum or when it was last time. you wil be surprised! For many people art is something unimportant for wierd people, usually placed to monumental closed architecture. It is totally opposite than commercial building which wants to gather people inside. Big outlays work everywhere :-)

My idea is based on solutions to these problems or tasks. We can not move the old gallery, but we can design volumes which will frame and guide. I used basic components of architecture-groins/corners/crossroads for these function from southern street. Two of them are in the corners and the third is from cross-road. Park is divided by many pedestrian ways in grass. Why will not use this fact for solution of museum? People will be crossing park and leisurely in the same time will be in museum. Visiting of museum will be one of part their lives!


Aleš Javurek