A single stake driven in the scene it breaks the continuity. In the same way a single wall hardens, it stops, is opposed and violently alter the scenario in which it appears, and begins to reveal signs of a transformation that leads to the architecture. At the same time, however, a wall can blend with his surroundings through events such as neighboring trees cast shadows on the surface. Several factors may help to define such mutual relations, but in urban cities of our day and in spite of the abundance of material goods that characterizes it is difficult to identify such relationships. In order to revive such an environment I think would be appropriate to reconsider even the primary, fundamental significance which may be a pillar or a wall. (Fausto Ferrara) The search for Fausto Ferrara part of the experimental trends in recent years have tried to break down all distinctions between architecture and art, with a view to reaching a common language in which the avant-garde utopias palingenetic could come true. The dream of a total art capable of transcending the distinction between architecture, painting and sculpture, is in fact common to all the artistic movements of the beginning of the twentieth century. Sensorial Space is a condition of architecture-fulfillment in an environmental intervention .. The architecture is put to the proof of the absence of any Vitruviana utilitas (Franco Purini)


Project : Fausto Ferrara e Pino Barillà;
Director project : Valeria Agliolo Quartalaro.


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