The program allows and requests to a linear distribution, that we only consider resultant of the addition of synthesized objectives in a unique object that it is assumed as an inhabitable sculpture inside of the store space.
With the protagonism that great glass facade provides, there is a spiral wall (symbolizing the ascension, the knowledge and the way of the perfection), with 3,33 meters of height, developing moments of opening and containment between the subtle incline waving, modulated in the metric of some empty spaces, strategically deducted to lodge communication and interaction multitouch monitors, or show windows for products exposition, or 24h vending machines.
In the center of the spiral we find the personalized financial attendance rank, offering some privacy to the investor customer and allowing the closing through a pivotante panel absolutely integrated in the walls that contain it.
The waiving of the wall is always formed defending superior widths 1,5m essential to guarantee the easiness of access and use the people of reduced mobility.
Built in recycled panels derivate from wooden and card, the wall receives the final finishing in a covering of recycled paper and organic rubber, which constitute support for communication for campaigns or seasonal decorations.
The floor that serves of base to this great scenario is considered in a white organic rubber, conferring an ascetic and solid image, to a space molded by the organic wall that reflects the brightness of the pavement.
The ceiling in an oval cupola fulfills the paper to illuminate the all store, when reflecting the color and light that is projected in the wall, by a LED RGB system.



Marco Braizinha
Bernardo Daupiás Alves
Egle Bazaraite
João Esteves


Fernando Guerra