Grupo Rotoplas is a Mexican company with 25 years of experience producing water containers and plumbing equipment. Always following their motto: more and better water for the people; this group is the leader in the Mexican market with important international recognition. New corporate offices were necessary for Grupo Rotoplas continuous growth and operational needs.

The biggest challenge in the project was to develop a corporate interior design in which it is possible to feel the movement of water. Using actual fluids was the first approach that the client had in mind, but it was the job of the designers to create the abstraction of this vital element and print it throughout the project.

Transparency and natural light are the 2 main characteristics of the project. Round and dynamic surfaces predominate in the design, filling the space with the brightness of all the different materials applied in white. All these create a very interesting contrast against the dark carpet floors. The general result is a project that flows with movement and luminosity, just as when watching a river.

The corporate offices are divided in two levels connected in the center by a helical stairwell specially design for this project by a well known Mexican sculptor. Standing out and surrounded by 2 bright white surfaces, the centre of services is a different approach to the way this is usually solved in corporate offices in Mexico.

usoarquitectura / Gabriel Salazar y Fernando Castañón