Derma is an important pharmaceutical chain specialized in skin care. Nowadays it has 35 branches in the main cities of the Mexican Republic. The image of the stores have been modified according to the communication needs of the company, as well as taking into consideration the preferences and needs of their clientele.

For this fourth re-generation of the image, Derma allowed usoarquitectura to pump up the volume and intensify the shopping experience for the customers. This first try-out was in Dermaforum located in Polanco and the most outstanding feature is the counter design. The counter was done in an elliptical shape with to diagonal entrances to take advantage of the rectangular columns that give accent to the counter and sets a distance from the traditional standards. The elliptical shape is replicated also in the plafond impacting the whole space.

Color white was selected in all the materials and finishes for floors, walls and ceilings to enhance the attractive packages of the dermo-cosmetics. To set the difference inside the space white shades were tinged and a silver porcelain tile was added in the customer service areas and sale points.

A very careful combination of warm and cool lighting emphasizes the variety of white shades and tinges the volumes that make the bold plafond design that was perfectly executed by the contractor. The lighting system is automated in order to adequate to the changes of the sun light and to show different scenarios during the day.

usoarquitectura / Gabriel Salazar y Fernando Castañón