The housing has been developed as two types; a medium-rise strip that sits on the edge of the plateau and a low-rise court-cluster formation covering the rest of the site. This offers multiple choices for the design of the apartments, to optimize the views available, and create through design multiplicity in community character, relationship with ground and apartment sizing. Both types of apartments have possibilities of single bedroom, two bedrooms, three bedrooms and four bedrooms units (single floor and duplex variations) ranging in area from 750 sqft to 3000 sqft.

A series of landscaped green reserves weave through the housing culminating in a large open green area situated at the eastern edge of the site. A small club with recreational facilities is proposed at this end. The access to the housing blocks has been kept extremely simple to achieve easy identification. Each block can be approached by road with provision of off-street and covered parking for the inhabitants and visitors. Pedestrian and vehicular movement is kept segregated to enable free and secure use of the green spaces. A central park sits on the termination of the axis at a strategic, notional center of the township, as the hub of all activities. According to the functional requirements the park has specialized restaurants area, children’s play area, terrace garden, jogging tracks etc.

Every unit is planned with cross-ventilation keeping in mind the warm humid climate of Siliguri. Special attention has been paid to easy and efficient serviceability of the apartments. The infrastructure networks laid on the site, too, are made efficient to achieve economies of construction cost and maintenance. This project is intended to act as an exemplar to provide a socially and ecologically sustainable developmental model for residential development.