“…death seems to have no place in the modern city. The architecture associated with death is generally that of the neutral sympathy of the undertaker. Unobtrusive and bland like the piped music played in funeral homes, it is an architecture that does not attempt to address the gravity of its theme or the existential questioning and crises which death can prompt.”
Edwin Heathcote, Monument Builders, 1999

the cloud is a new prototype for a cemetery of the contemporary society. today’s expression of communication has revolutionized how we interact with each other...and the dead. call. text. email. tweet. when we die we will have vast amounts of information stored about us, becoming vast archives of personal artifacts in both physical and digital form. the cloud is a park and datacenter located at penn station where the organicity and lightness of life meets the rigidity and heaviness of the graveyard. the cloud will aggregate as more people age and well as self-organizing to the latest #trends on twitter. check-in, navigate and ‘like’ the #cloudcemetery at with your iphone or android device.



cemetery, park & datacenter
1,200,000 sq ft
penn station, new york