We propose a contemporary design and architecture for our proposals for the temporary architectures at the Kernel Festival, in the park of Villa Tittoni in Desio.
Our approach is inspired by the shapes, the imagination and the way of thinking of a digital environment and paradigm, through a non standard attitude, parametric geometry and lighting.
This according to the temporary nature of the projects (existing just from the 1st of July to the 3rd of July 2011), a specific attention in the simplicity of the assemblage of the parts, the use of the given construction materials, the photovoltaic panels and the plastic profiles.
We want to be sure to keep the cost for the realization in the established budget, so the materials and the lights we use in addition to the given ones are really inexpensive and easy to find on the market, sometimes even recycled.
Our goal want to be a harmonic, imaginative and elegant conjugation of a significant architectural culture, a contemporary perception of the world and valorisation of simple, pure and sometimes displaced materials.



The design for the relax, meeting and listening area is conceived as an open and not precisely defined area on the east part of the park.
The element of the space can even be moved or changed by the public.
Shading flexed elements, built with iron rods reinforced plastic profiles sustaining polycarbonate light panels, define points of aggregation as well flexible single thin plastic profiles, floating with the wind or with the interaction with the public, provide illumination, through the use of led lights. Pallets are transformed in deckchairs.
Design approach

As stated in the concept our design wants to be consistent in every part pursuing one philosophy.
For this reason all our interventions propose a similar or compatible architecture, both in the shapes and in the use of the materials.
Our attitude allows us to create a digital but built panorama.

Gianluca Milesi, Michiko Yamada, Edi Sluga