_A Self-Sustainable Living Bridge
The soul of this design is to create self-sustainable
living architecture that respond to its use.



The Module:
Cilindrical Tensile Membrane + Double Helix Structure made of carbonfiber semiflexible tubes. This simple and flexible module can be repeated according to the desired lenght connecting two buildings forming a pedestrian connection.

Structural Flexibility:
The design of the bridge meets the structural flexibility of differential movement between the buildings. A connection between two independent structures can not be rigid, so this bridge is structurally based on a tensile membrane.

Dynamic Reaction:
Being a flexible tensile structure, by applying more tension to different points, a technological dynamic deformation can be achieved in response to the people crossing the bridge. It becomes a living element that responds to its use.


Photovoltaic Energy:
The tensile skin incorporates Foldable Photovoltaic Solar Panels capturing energy from the sun to generate and supply electricity from a clean and sustainable energy. This makes the bridge self-sustainable.

Air-Cleaning Plants:
To go beyond green, the design includes Plants that clean and purify the air, transforming the pollution of the city in pure oxygen. Plants and the Breathable Membrane make a greener environment and a clean pedestrian tunnel.

LED RGB Technology:
Linear LED technology glow the structure of the bridge at night, creating art with light of low power consumption. This emphasizes the fluid and organic forms and creates different sensations.



DSSH Bridge / 1st Place Building to Building Pedestrian Bridge Challenge by sanzpont arquitectura in Canada won the WA Award Cycle 11. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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