The design investigates the present foreclosure causes and effects on American Housing and approach Jacksonville, Florida among one of the top foreclosed crisis areas to develop the Collective Housing prototype.
The concept was to layered the diverse activities and density across the site vertically according the public-private use. Also, promote pedestrian friendly environment and public transit through the proposal by emphases on typological to topological growth. Create a collective community spaces within the proposal and enrich with diverse connections and values through different levels and scale.



Project Type: Academic
Class: Graduate Thesis Studio | Spring 2014
Professor: Judith Reno
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Software: Revit, 3ds-Max, Photoshop

Ankit Darda

Collective Housing: Layered Density by ankit darda in United States won the WA Award Cycle 19. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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