Communication and recreational space "ecosystem."
Rosatom. St. Bolshaya Ordynka 24, Moscow, Russia.

Main tasks:
1. Creating mixeduse, comfortable space designed for both work and leisure;
2. The universality of spaces;
3. Creation is not just space, and self-sufficient environment - ecosystems, including what is deprived resident huge metropolis.
4. Maintaining the image of the industry as a progressive, safe and environmentally friendly.

The concept of the new space is to create a solid amount of self-located "delivered" on the dining room in the courtyard of the complex on Bolshaya Ordynka 24.

The concept is a hexagon shape as the most common in the industry and chemistry in general.

In terms of the volume of a rectangular shape into which inserted hexagonal modules (circumscribed circle diameter of 3 m) located at different heights, which creates an amphitheater. Thus, this concept makes it possible on the one hand to use the space entirely for major events (presentations, film screenings, and other corporate events) and at the same time to divide it into many different subzones, easily adaptable for a variety of tasks and functions and planted different vegetation.

Artificial relief also allows you to place a number of isolated spaces designed for quiet relaxation, psychological relief, mini-talks, sleep, meditation, and other activities related to the peace or the maximum concentration.
The basis of the functional zoning of the complex is an analysis that takes into account the typology of the required spaces, which allowed them to split open, closed.


Ilya Filimonov, Irina Filimonova