HOTEL RITZ CARLTON, Bangalore, India

This was the first Ritz Carlton in India and it had to create an impact. From its inception, till handover, every minor detail, finish, proportion, impact was discussed and re-discussed with the owners, architect and landscape architect till we achieved perfection.


The driveway paved with 50mm thick, edge cut cobbles of 150x150mm was a combination of Dark Grey Granite (Chiseled), Black Granite (Flamed/Natural Split) and Light Grey Granite (Chiseled).

The pattern moved from three 5 meter diameter circular patterns at the entrance, to a 150x150mm grid of Light Grey Granite in Chiseled finish and Black Granite in Natural Split, providing that difference in texture and cobbled feel. The 150x150mm grid meets the Port Cochere or the drop off of the hotel in a circular pattern, cut in radials of 300x300mm paving in Black Granite (Chiseled) and Light Grey Granite (Chiseled), ensuring limited maintenance and hassle for ladies who prefer high heels. The Function Lawn drop-off uses a combination of different finishes in Black Granite in a radial pattern. And flowing to larger, more Indian inspired patterns on the pathway to the banquet.

The ventilation shafts and feature walls enhance the play of shadows with Rustic Yellow and Mocha Crema Limestone in a Natural Split finish and Chiseled textures. The Water Features at the entrance, Port Cochere, Driveway & Function Lawn, continue with the same palette.


Pots carved from solid blocks of dark grey granite in various heights from 450mm to 2100mm adorn, the entrance, driveway and the water features of this 7-star property. 5 metre high lattice carved in White Sandstone Flanks the Entrance, Exit, Swimming Pool and the Port Cochere creating a stunning visual impact and also screening off the unsightly areas of the site. Light Bollards with Lattice on all sides are placed all over the site.



Architect: WATG
Landscape: Belt Collins, Singapore
Indian Architect: RKA, Delhi
Client: Nitesh Estates Pvt. Ltd.