The project focuses on highlighting the city of Umm Qais ( Gadara is the ancient name of the city ) , its history, culture, and architectural identity . Jordan is known for its cultural, heritage, and natural tourism. the project will draw a great attention to the area which will have a positive impact on the city and its community regarding new job opportunities and economic values. The project will be a new step in improving historical, cultural, and natural tourism in Jordan, by introducing new methods and typologies regarding museums, educational centers, and visitor centers. The project will also raise the socio-economic status of the city by providing new job opportunities to the local residents and by giving small business`s a foundation to grow upon and develop, given the new touristic interest in the city and historical sites it contains. The project will act as a platform that brings both educational and spatial experience together,while endorsing a sustainable lifestyle and conserving the surrounding historic environment.

The ancient city Gadara currently known as “Umm-Qais” sits in the Northern side of Jordan ( 90 Km away from Amman ) 363 meters above sea level overlooking Al-Yarmouk River gorge, Golan Heights, and Lake Tiberias .Gadara is the ancient Greek-Romanian name of modern Umm-Qais, which means “wall” because of its highland topography that makes it look like a fortress or a citadel. Gadara was one of the Decapolis (meaning ten cities in Greek) .




Gadara - 3D Visualization

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