Since the era of Industrial Revolution in between of 18 and 19 Century, previous communities of people formed upon specific boundaries of industrial relationships such as large units of labor force. However, as the development of transportation, technology as well as capitalism went further, the units broke down to smaller pieces into specific boundary of families. This resulted to separation and lack of coherency among the people. China is no difference since the economic reform in 1978, which now become the worlds second largest economy by nominal GDP.
In order to, again, serve as an active and interactive community, I propose a new vision of mega-block platform adopting and merging related manufacturing industries which engage one another. As an open community, it allows for visitors, investors and local people to engage in as for the members of the community can have self-valuating mind, feeling they belong to the community. This idea can be adaptable in worlds top manufacturing cities regarding various types of industries.
In specific within the site, Wuqing District located between Beijing and Tianjin of China, was once traditionally famous for bicycle industry. In promoting the bicycle industry once more, as well as a catalyst for vital community, system of industrial grid with engagement of vierendeel truss is incorporated. This is re-scaled up and down adopting various types of bicycle related programs to form unique spatial moments.



China Mega-block Project
Location: Wuqing District, China
Type: Mix-Use
Program: High-Speed Rail & Freight Rail Station, Bicycle Factory, Velodrome, Exhibition & Showroom, Office, R&D Center, Hotel, Residential Towers
Structure: Steel Structure and Vierendeel Truss
Exterior: Metal Panel and Unitized Curtain Wall System

Seuk Hoon Kim (Master of Architecture, Columbia University, New York, USA)

Industrial Siheyuan by Seuk Hoon Kim in United States won the WA Award Cycle 23. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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Seuk Hoon Kim

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