Urban Landscapes such as public spaces and parks are among the places that can enhance the quality of space in a city. Well-designed, attractive and innovative spaces contribute to a sense of place and can produce strong emotional responses.
The Stars pavilion brings joy with a strong thematic concept – the shining starts in the sky. Our powerful concept enables us to design a simple, flexible and beautiful freestanding temporary pavilion. The pavilion encourages people to participate in a space of relaxation, discussion, socialization, escape, and enjoyment. Visitors can sit, move and circulate while experiencing the feeling of visual porosity and filtered light, bringing the sky and trees of the setting into the space; this effect is achieved through the use of rope strands as the pavilion enclosure. Seating boxes and recycling containers designed to complement the structure and form a relationship between the ground and the pavilion space also provide opportunities for children to learn about recycling. The structure sits lightly on the ground, anchored at points and causing minimal disturbance to the ground plane.
The project respects the competition budget and requirements. Sawn Timber and Nylon Rope, the primary materials, are inexpensive and readily available in London. The materials will survive during the period in which the pavilion is in place, and can be reused after that. The design allows for simple, unskilled construction and installation, with the possibility of components being built off-site; maintenance during the life of the pavilion would be minimal. The modular system enables the pavilion to be designed and constructed at varying scales for different sites and with similar materials.



Nylon rope
Sawn Timber


STARS PAVILION by EHSAN JAHANI in United Kingdom won the WA Award Cycle 20. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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